Packing Checklist

ND Necessities

Your room will be equipped with a sink, mirror (which doubles as a medicine cabinet), cabinet under the sink to store toiletries and supplies, closet, dresser, bed, desk, and bookshelf. Most rooms will also have a vanity. Freshmen in most halls typically loft their bed in such a way that their bed is on top of their bookshelf and desk. Lofting the beds typically allows people to fit other furniture such as futons or butterfly chairs.

What to bring:

  1. Alarm clock
  2. Bedding for an extra long twin bed, pillows
  3. Storage crates
  4. Camera
  5. Computer
  6. Laundry basket/bag & laundry supplies
    *you don’t need quarters! You can use Domer Dollars to do laundry (and you save a quarter doing it every time too!) Domer Dollars are purchased online at
  7. Shower shoes and shower caddy—there are racks in the showers to keep caddies
  8. Backpack
  9. Desk supplies
  10. Swim suit
  11. Proof of medical insurance
  12. Posters and pictures to decorate your room
  13. Hangers
  14. Surge protectors
  15. Umbrella, rain jacket and boots
  16. Winter coat and hats, gloves, scarves, etc.
  17. Calendar or planner for school
  18. 3M Command Poster Strips, Painters Tape, Glue Dots - these are the only items you can use to put up pictures, posters, etc.
  19. Toothbrush, other toiletries
  20. Kleenex/paper towels


Contact your roommate to discuss bringing:

  1. Carpet or rugs—those linoleum floors get cold in the winter!
  2. Futon/couch
  3. Refrigerator (max size 5.0 cubic feet)
  4. Dishes, cups, utensils
  5. Cleaning Supplies
  6. Hot pot
  7. Television—you may need a cable extender…sometimes the cords don’t go too far
  8. DVD Player


What to leave at home:

  1. Microwaves
  2. Hot plates
  3. Coffeepots
  4. Printers (you’ll have more than enough money on your ND print quota to last the year)
  5. Hoverboards

Check with the Office of Sustainability ( for any questions about electronics, outlets, etc.